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OSLO Crystallizer

  • OSLO Evaporative Cooling Crystallizer Design

    OSLO Evaporative Cooling Crystallizer Design

    OSLO crystallizer introduction OSLO Crystallizer is used for producing larger size crystals with its classifying function. The crystals are fluidized and suspended in a supersaturated liquid, which provided an excellent flow field condition for crystals growth.The system...

  • OSLO-type Surface Cooling Crystallizer

    OSLO-type Surface Cooling Crystallizer

    OSLO type crystallizer introduction OSLO type crystallizer also known as the Cristal crystallizer, a mother liquor circulation continuous crystallizer . The operation of the feed liquid added to the circulating tube, mixed with the circulating mother liquor, pumped to the...

  • Low Temperature Cooling Crystallization

    Low Temperature Cooling Crystallization

    Low temperature Cooling crystallization introduction Cooling Crystallizer is a device that reacts to crystals by lowering the temperature to produce supersaturation. Cooling crystallizers rely on lower temperature to produce supersaturation into crystal equipments. The...

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