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Confirmation of the performance of the three in one (filtering washing drying) equipment Jan 18, 2019

Since the three in one (filtering washing drying) equipment uses steam during work, it is necessary to perform a tightness test. The "three-in-one" uses a dry double-face mechanical seal to confirm the tightness of the equipment by testing the amount of gas maintained for a period of time.

The heating system of the “three in one (filtering washing drying) equipment is mainly used for drying the materials, and five heating systems are arranged on the equipment, which are the heating system on the trap and the two tanks,the heating system of the stirring paddle, and the heating system of the bottom of the tank, etc., during the operation, the temperature is detected by the temperature sensor to prove that the system is normal.

Since the main function of the three in one (filtering washing drying) equipment is achieved by agitating paddles, the agitating paddle is one of the most important functional components. Therefore, it is necessary to confirm the rotation direction of the slurry, the rotation frequency, and the like. In general, the relevant test verification can ensure that the equipment achieves the intended purpose in the process.